We are expert consultants focused on developing robotics, navigation, and imaging products

Algorithm Development

  • Impedance control for haptically-guided robotics

  • Robotic arm calibration and registration

  • Sensor calibration and sensor fusion methods

  • Computer vision algorithms and applications

Electrical Engineering

  • PCB design and layout

  • Radio-frequency (RF) communication

  • High-powered handheld electronics

Application Software Development

  • Windows and Linux application development

  • Front-end UI design for robotics and automation systems

  • Database and cloud-based integration

Embedded Software Development

  • Bare-metal programming

  • Real-time operating systems and robotics controllers

  • Linux programming on embedded systems

Mechanical Engineering

  • CAD models and drawings

  • Robotics design

  • Design for manufacturing

Verification & Validation

  • Medical device development (ISO 13485)

  • IEC 60601 electrical safety testing

  • FCC compliance testing



Robotic work cell design, path planning, programming, and system integration


Intraoperative navigation and tracking techniques for computer-assisted surgery


Evaluated cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) methods and 2D/3D image registration methods for gait analysis


Image calibration, pose estimation, object tracking, and visual-inertial sensor fusion methods for robust localization and mapping


Electronics and embedded systems design, device calibration, and testing on augmented reality devices


Designed and programmed robotic stations for calibrating both consumer and medical devices



ashley galanes.jpg

Ashley Galanes 

Director Of Product Development at OrthoSensor, Inc

"KCL Solutions have been a reliable and trusted partner of ours since their inception. They are extraordinarily responsive, able to react quickly to requests with very little notice. They implement effective process discipline and we can be confident in the stability of their development activities. Most significantly, their expertise in the area of robotics, data processing, and advanced mathematics has proven to be a critical contribution in many of our projects. We can count on KCL Solutions to take ownership of any job they take on, communicate clearly and consistently with us throughout, and deliver on time."

michael silver.jpg

Michael Silver

Founder & CEO of Prisma Imaging

"KCL has been an invaluable resource for us from concept to completion. They completed deliverables on time and on budget. I highly recommend them for an array of projects, especially if there needs to be an aspect of "thinking outside the box".

Burce Campbell.jpg

Bruce Campbell 

Director of Business Development at Wicks Unlimited

"KCL has the knowledge and experience to handle all of our different programming and systems integration needs. They have accomplished every project we have thrown at them with excellent professionalism. Our company has finally found the support we need for our automation growth. KCL Solutions is the company we call when we need the job done right!"

Jonathan Trousdale.jpg

Jonathan Trousdale 

Chief Technology Officer at OrthoSensor, Inc.

"KCL Solutions consistently exceeds expectations. Combining an impressive range and depth of technical expertise with disciplined execution, KCL Solutions has been an invaluable partner on several of our most challenging projects."

Scott NOrtman.jpg

Scott Nortman

Principal Automation Systems Engineer

"The KCL team are second to none. They are world class experts in robotics, control theory, and computer vision. I've been fortunate to work with them on solving the most challenging engineering problems and they deliver the highest quality work on time and within budget. Highly recommend."

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KCL Robotics provides engineering design services for robotics, navigation,

and imaging product development.

  • Our customers range from early-stage entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies in the medical, consumer, and industrial market segments.

  • Our team includes mechanical, electrical, and software engineers, and can support the full product development life cycle, from conception to commercialization. 

  • For medical device development, we are trained on ISO 13485 standards, and can adhere to your existing policies and procedures or help develop your company’s Quality Management System (QMS).

  • Our team has experience with

    • robotics system design, including motor controller design, embedded systems programming, motion planning, and kinematic calibration of robotic systems

    • radiographic imaging systems, including image phantom design, intrinsic camera calibration, image processing, and image registration methods

    • augmented reality (AR) systems, including navigation solutions for AR, algorithm development, and Bluetooth-enabled consumer electronics design




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